Motor Mouth is potty trained but is having some issues staying dry at night. These are my adventures in helping Motor Mouth achieve nighttime dryness on a regular basis.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I'm Exhausted

I've had to stay up later so I can take Motor Mouth to the bathroom another time. And then he wakes me up twice in the night to tell me he wet his bed. The second time, he gets a pullup. Add to that my peri menopausal night sweats and disturbed sleep and I am wiped!! Not good for anything. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day One of Seven

Alright. So I wanted to wait for the right timing, to enable Motor Mouth to have maximum success. No stress during the day. Not over tired. Room at the right temperature (his room gets really cold in the winter), sleeping in his bed, not with his little sister.

I have restricted both kids' liquid intake. They only get milk in the morning. If they get apple juice or something else, like pop, it is with lunch. After lunch, all they get is water. Then, at bedtime, they get a tiny bit of water and then go potty.

I've been monitoring Motor Mouth's bowel movements, to see if they are regular. As much as possible, I've been ensuring the kids are getting more fiber in their diet, which helps with bowel movement regularity. Which, in turn, is important 

Tonight was the night!!
Motor Mouth went to bed with just underwear on. No pullup. I laid him on his bed with a waterproof pad under him. 

Two hours later, I woke Motor Mouth up to go potty. He was rolled off the pad and was - wet. I took him to the bathroom. He thought he was dry. He was wet!! I changed him into a different pair of underwear, moved the pad over, and put him back to bed.

I asked Motor Mouth to wake me up if he wets his bed again. He did. I tossed the wet pad, put him in a pullup, and hugged my pillow. I told him to tell me in the morning if his pullup was wet. It was. Some people are full of crap. Apparently, my child is full of urine!!

Why does he have so much pee at night? He gets a small cup at dinner and even less at bedtime. He is peeing waaaaaaaay more than that!