Motor Mouth is potty trained but is having some issues staying dry at night. These are my adventures in helping Motor Mouth achieve nighttime dryness on a regular basis.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Not So Dry

It's been about a year since I last posted on here. Thought it was time for an update. Motor Mouth is not experiencing dry nights. In the last year, MAYBE once he was dry in the morning.

I'm not putting pads under him. I'm not waking him up to go pee. I'm not attaching a bedwetting device to him. I'm not putting him on medication. I'm not talking about it when he is around.

This is just a small part of our lives. When Motor Mouth's pull up leaks, he takes the sheets off of his bed and puts them on the floor in front of the washer. That is my cue to wash them and change the sheets on his bed.

Yes, pull ups are getting more and more expensive and hard to bring myself to purchase. But if my son is happy and well-adjusted and getting a full night's rest without worrying about wetting his bed, then it is money well spent.

We suspect when Motor Mouth enters puberty, his body will have grown and matured enough that he is able to wake up on his own. Until then, we just give him lots of love and downplay the bedwetting.